Welcome to the Rebellious Kitchen. My name is Pauline, 25 years old and the face behind this blog. Finally I found the courage to start a foodblog. I´ve been reading and drooling over foodblogs for so many years now, and well I thought it was about time I started my own.

The hardest thing was to come up with a name, damn that´s difficult. So I started thinking and then well, I´m not that good at following recipes. So yeah, I really tend not to follow them, that´s maybe why my baking experiments tend to fail a lot. Anyways following recipes, not my thing. Getting inspiration from recipes, totally my thing.

The other thing is, since my obsession with food started about 20 years ago or so, I didn´t go to culinary school. I did went to college and got my bachelor degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, so well close enough. There is the other thing where I don´t really follow the rules. In college you know we learned about all the devils in food such as real butter, bacon, carbs and all the other good stuff.

There is the issue, all the bad things taste soooo good. So screw the dietitian rules every now and then. During my internships I also realized that working behind a desk, is not my thing. Which lead me to start working as a fulltime chef after I got my degrees.

So fast forward to now, I´ve been working as a fulltime chef for 3 years now with a great passion. But I decided to also follow my other passion which is starting my own foodblog. So if you´re just like me curious how this is gonna turn out, keep following my experiments on my blog!