Worldly pizzanight #1: German Flammkuchen

Exploring the world with pizza on pizzanight!

Try going German on your next pizzanight! Make your pizzanight go around the world, hey that’s actually a good idea. Let’s make pizza a monthly thing on this blog. Which each pizza going to be inspired by a different country. God I am already drooling from all the ideas I have. Anyways for our first worldy pizza, I am not going far from home, this month it’s a German pizza called flammkuchen and seriously this is soooo good and soooo comforting, you have to try it.

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Burgertime: Homemade dark brown maple burger buns with a ready for spring burger

Finally the weather is getting better here, the sun is coming out more often and for some reason my mind associates good weather with burgers. Probably because the good weather means it’s almost time for bbq season! Holy sh*t I can’t wait, finally I have a big enough balcony to bbq on. I am already getting excited, because I have sooooooooo many burger ideas I need to try. Read more